Look around! 


The goal of our NowThis x Samsung Gear 360 Campaign was to transport our audience to distant places while making them feel intimate and accessible all through Samsung’s Gear 360 camera, which fits within the palm of your hand. We took Samsung’s Gear 360 to 5 continents and over 20 countries in just four months. We wanted our audience to not only learn about Samsung’s new 360-degree camera, but also provide them with engaging content that sparked curiosity and encouraged them to “look around!” We opted for a fully social campaign to reach our audience where they consume content most.

 Up for a challenge. 

This was one of the first-ever branded content 360-degree campaigns to live exclusively on social (across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube). With Facebook only recently having unveiled their 360-degree capabilities, we relied heavily on unique creative and once in a lifetime access to rare places throughout the world. We didn’t know how our audience would react or engage with branded 360-degree content, but we have seen incredible engagement and just about 0% negative sentiment.


Since our campaign launched in June 2017 —
and with just 20 360-degree videos — our branded content has seen the following success:

NowThis is the #1 most-viewed 360-degree video publisher in all of 2017 (with just 6% of the amount of content and more than double the video views than the #2 publisher — The New York Times) (Source: Tubular).

NowThis x Samsung Gear 360 is the most-viewed branded content campaign by any publisher and/or brand in 2017 (Source: BrandTale).

• 161.5M video views

• 845M social impressions

• 1.6M social engagements on Facebook alone

• Over 184K shares on Facebook

• 18 videos have been featured on Youtube's Best of VR Portal


• 1% negative sentiment, which is by far, our highest positive sentiment campaign to date


• Two of the top five 360 videos last 90 days

Source: Tubular